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I can at times be quite indecisive with my designs and spend a lot of time designing as I am a firm believer that something can always be better, however at some point I do need to say yes and run with it. Having this mentality has so far worked well as I am always very happy with the end pieces I create as I know I have spent the time finalizing them and pushing the design.

We had to design a logo for part of this project and I knew I wanted mine to be my name as well as having a smaller logo for packaging ect. Having done some market research into designers I admire and fashion brands ect and I noticed that many of the successful ones had very stylish but minimalist logos. I knew that mine would be black as it works with everything and is my favorite colour.. suprise, suprise. After doing many hand sketches, I then moved onto CAD and designed about 100 differing gothic style D's and G's. The final outcome of the larger logo is above (please ignore the pixalation of the tag line). I am really happy to use this as my logo for now, I think it really shows the style of my jewellery and the look I am wanting, I feel it also allows me to be open to design higher end pieces as well. To go with the logo I decided on a tag line of "Jewellery for the original" which I think works well with the overall design.

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