Nylon laser syntering

Our most recent hand in was for the Laser technology module. We had to design and produce a single piece or a collection that could only be made by using at least one of the laser technologies we had learnt including, Laser engraving, laser scanning, laser syntering or laser welding. As many of my pieces are statement large forms I was keen to use Nylon laser syntering which we were shown on a visit to London based nylon syntering company Digits2Widgets. Using nylon would benefit my work due its light weight and strong qualities, I was also happy that the nylon could be dyed black as all of my work has an edgy gothic look and so thought having the pieces black would offer clients another option over oxidised or high polished silver. To produce my piece I used another London based company 3DPrintUK purely because the deadline was tight at they dyed the nylon on sight. I was extremely happy with my pieces I received back and would definitely use either company again. Having now costed the pieces and added the silver elements to the Dark Tower cuff, having the collection sintered in nylon does offer a more affordable and lightweight option which I will definitely be including in forthcoming collections.

P.S. the candle in the photo below smells amazing and the key was made by my Grandpa who is an amazing blacksmith for my 18th birthday, (a while ago now ahah!)

Daisy xx

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