Tiggi Hawke wears Daisy Grice Jewellery


Tiggi Hawke

Tiggi Hawke, photography by Vasso Vu, Styling by Adele Cany, wearing Daisy Grice Sleek bone ring 

I was in complete disbelief when I was approached a few months ago by stylist, Adele Cany requesting to borrow my collection for a shoot with upcoming British musician Tiggi Hawke. This was the first time I had been approached by a stylist for my work to be used to dress a musician, so I was extremely excited. Adele is a London based stylist who has worked with some huge names - both clients and designers and Tiggi is an atmospheric, electronic, pop artist – who wouldn’t say no!
  Following sending Adele and her team product shots of the pieces I thought would suit, I prepared and sent a total of 10 pieces from my collection including one-of-a-kind statement work and easy wear sculptural jewellery. 
In all styling fittings more than enough jewellery, clothes, shoes and accessories are sourced to allow the stylist artistic freedom as the outfits are finalized at the fitting. This meant it was never set in stone that my jewellery would actually be used.
 Fast forward a few months and me following both Adele and Tiggi on Instagram like a hawk (no pun intended) I see the brand new Tiggi Hawke “Giants” music video released on Youtube!


 I was so nervous watching Giant's for the first time as I knew, although just being asked is a privilege, I would be gutted if there was no Daisy Grice Jewellery adorning Tiggi, but, OMG! I was in amazement when I spotted both the “Spine Tooth” and the “Trilogy Spine” ring!
The jewellery is such a small element of what has gone in to making this incredible video but it is an unimaginable honour for my work to be part of this exciting step in Tiggi’s career.
 I simply cannot explain the feeling of seeing my work being worn by Tiggi and styled by Adele with no other than an Iris Van Herpen dress. Iris is my favourite Haute Couture fashion designer, and her work is often the style I imagine my jewellery being worn with when designing and crafting my work so this really is a dream come true for me.
The Giants video is so artistically captivating from the makeup, styling, visuals and of course Tiggi herself and I am so thankful to Adele for selecting my jewellery and to Tiggi for wearing my work with such empowerment.
To find out more about the ideas behind the newly released, Giants video follow the link below for a super interesting interview with Tiggi herself.
Thank you for reading,
DG x


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